Monday, June 3, 2013

Silver investors need to keep faith - Rakhimov

Petaluma CA (The Gold Report) - 
It's these times—volatile markets that shake you to your core—when you truly learn what kind of investor you are, says Sean Rakhimov, the founder of SilverStrategies. The investors who face these testing times, never forgetting why they sunk their funds into precious metals in the first place, are soon to be rewarded, according to Rakhimov. In this interview with The Gold Report, Rakhimov explains why he believes that investors who haven't been shaken out of stocks yet will be able to cash in on a "triple" headed to the silver sector.
The Gold Report: Sean, this market for precious metals is testing the mettle of even diehard investors. How is the market testing your resolve?
Sean Rakhimov: It's as hard on me as it is on everyone else, with the caveat that this is the only market that I participate in. I'm guessing most other people are buying other things along with their precious metals portfolios. It's been very trying in the last couple of years, but particularly this year.
TGR: Let's say for a moment that you're a precious metals coach. Please provide investors with some inspiration.
SR: It's not one-size-fits-all because times like these will identify your weaknesses in your outlook and convictions and exploit them. I am betting that a lot of investors are being shaken out of stocks.
On the other hand, the demand for physical metal has been absolutely astounding. The lower the silver price goes, the higher the demand. Shortages have been reported pretty much all over the world in recent weeks.
This provides an excellent opportunity. If investors haven't had exposure to precious metals at all, then they should start with the physical metal if they can find it. Otherwise, they need to prepare themselves for times like these, which will undoubtedly happen in the future. Learn from it and be prepared to not act like a victim and walk away from their positions when these situations happen again.

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