Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Unsustainable Silver Prices

First Quarter 2013 True All-In Cost Silver Industry Figures: Unsustainable Silver Prices

Over the last month we have been analyzing and posting the silver industry's true costs to mine each ounce of silver. We have analyzed all the major publicly traded primary silver producers, which includes close to 19 million ounces of mined production for Q1FY13 - a very large portion of the total worldwide production of silver (estimated at over 190 million for Q1FY13). We believe our numbers represent a large enough portion of mined production to extrapolate as a general figure across the industry.
Why These Costs Are Important
For silver ETF investors (SLV, SIVR, CEF, and PSLV) this metric is very important because it allows an inside understanding of the true costs associated with producing each new ounce of silver. This is arguably the most important metric in analyzing any commodity because it shows the price where production of that commodity becomes uneconomic. If it costs more to mine a commodity than the market is willing to pay for it, eventually producers will stop producing the commodity and close up shop. These are the type of environments that savvy commodity investors dream of because it allows them to purchase assets that cost more to produce than to buy, which is an environment that cannot last for very long because eventually supply will be lowered, cause scarcity, and then the price will increase.
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