Friday, August 30, 2013


The cops do not care about the citizen's safety at all. all cops care about is pulling you over and making their quota and they will try their best to find something on you. checking speeds with radar is illegal without a warrant or probable cause. there is no justice system just we want your money even if you are innocent. all cops are public servants of we the people and we the people need to stand up and take the jury of twelve and bring up the BILL OF RIGHTS at trials.

many people do not understand that most these laws they try to enforce are unlawful to begin with. I was in a car that got pulled over and cop asked me my name I told him I DO NOT CONSENT TO SEARCHES and he kept asking my name. I guess he does not understand that I never have to say anything or present ID. even if you sign a drivers license you do not have to show it to them without a warrant or probable cause of not having one. the whole system is corrupt and is why I do not drive.