Thursday, August 29, 2013

George Galloway Explosive Speech Against The War in Syria

August 29, 2013 - George Galloway Explosive Speech British Parliament Debate On Military Action Against Syria

The real culprits in all this mess are few people,Obama,Erdogan,Cameron,Hague,the rulers of Qatar ,Brince Badr of Saudi arabia,Senator McCain,,US,senator Graham US,,so handfull of individuals are causing this mayhem and the slaughter in Syria,,over 100,000 killed and more than three million refugees because the people above are supporting the rebels,,we are talking about women ,,children,,babies suffering day in ,day out,,nothing to do with Assad or sectarian dvide,,it is about the evil plans of the individuals above and we call all politicians with conscious not only to stop the attck on Syria but to stop all support to the terrorists in Syria,,there is a debate in the British barliament but the UK does not have a constitution,, the leader of the opposition Millband is according the independent newspaper is a !! so there is no opposition in the UK even if they want to wipe the Arab world from the world map as long as you do not touch Israel.