Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Paul Craig Roberts: Washington's Criminality Will Lead to Nuclear War

I think they need another false flag first.
Indication of moving military equipment gives us at least another 6 weeks before kinetic actions of the war department can start.
<br />I'm still trying to figure out if something's gonna happen to make people support the war (9% approval seems a bit low; might need some false-flaggery), or if they're just gonna say "F@*# it, the sheep are asleep!" and let the shit fly.

Which only means another unconstitutional conflict directed by the PTB and paid for by US Citizens.  They pay with money and blood, and they (as polls show) are against these actions, and yet ironically it is they that must approve of such war actions through the congress they elect.  Too bad they are never consulted.

The constitution is there for a reason.

It's a shame the American people don't require that it is followed.