Monday, August 26, 2013

Syria Denies Using Chemical Weapons on Civilians

It might be the Syrian government to blame, it might be the rebels. Either way, what I can't stand is the disingenuous involvement of the US and NATO. They couldn't care less about those innocent civilians getting killed, all they want is the right politicians in power to give them whatever they want.

Syria denies allegations it used chemical weapons on civilians in a Damascus suburb and announces it will allow United Nations chemical weapons inspectors to visit Ghouta.

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Did Syria use chemical weapons on its own people?

In Beirut, Syria's Information Minister had this to say about the allegations: Omran Zoabi.

[Omran Zoabi, Syria's Information Minister]:
"We said from the first second and we are saying it again that we have never used—not in Ghouta, nor anywhere else in Syria—chemical weapons in any shape or form—liquid, gas or otherwise. We have not done this in the past, the present, nor will we in the future. This is the definitive position for the Syrian leadership in this subject."

Zoabi acknowledged that chemical agents have been used in Syria—but not by the government.

[Omran Zoabi, Syria's Information Minister]:
"We know who used these weapons—armed terrorist groups. We have evidence and information and there is satellite imagery that Russia mentioned. People are suffering and they are witnesses."

His remarks come on the same day the governments says it is allowing UN inspectors to visit the Damascus suburb where the attacks are believed to have taken place.

The announcement was made on state television. It isn't clear at this point how soon the inspectors will be on the ground.