Thursday, August 29, 2013

WWIII Hell War Looming as Russia Sends War Ships to Syria

I hope Russia and China make Obama and his banker handlers understand that this time someone may be able to fight back. Since Vietnam America has made war on people with little more than a Kalashnikov in hand and lost every time. None of these idiots in Washington seem to get the concept of a Constitutional foreign policy, or a Constitutional form of government for that matter. So go attack another nation and see what happens. Of course with Obama messing up the White House there won’t be any coverage of the body bags coming back here but count on it. The Russian military is damned good at filling the enemy’s body bags. Everybody in the US military service needs to get out now. If you elect to stay then the blood you shed will be your own.
Support for Obama's illegal strike on Syria is falling out of favor. UK and Germany now want some hard evidence. Russia is amping up the situation by sending more warships the region as well. Obama is facing a direct action with the Russian navy who will fire on US warships if ordered. If this happens it's game over and WW III will start.