Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Your Money Is Not Safe In The Banks

Money Is Not Safe In The Big Banks
Glass Steagall is a solution. Otherwise, the tax-lords will continue to play the Wall Street Casino, with stolen public money. If the computers crash; the next action will be to bail in peoples savings accounts down into a black-hole robber-baron cesspool of inequality.

Re-enact Glass Steagall. Not until the people are ready to fight a war on fraud will they regain their rights -- this war on the TBTF banks can not be avoided if the people hope to regain their nation and avoid theft of their lands. If you are not pushing your representatives to re-enact Glass Steagall, then you are merely acting numb. It is something that worked before to clean up the fraud and looting by the bankers -- in the War-on-Fraud. They are essentially a quasi-monopoly. Fannie and Freddie have no business being in derivative markets. They are international spider webs of fiat. Plus, investment banks cannot be allowed to engage in citizen deposits. Further, the company responsible for evaluating the ratings has no federal oversight. There is a reason Canada doesn't go through bubbles bursting every 13 years.