Monday, October 14, 2013

Survival Skills 101: Time To Bug Out! The Perfect Bug Out Vehicle?

The Rhino shows you his personal bug out Jeep. He also gives suggestions about what makes the perfect bug out vehicle.

Nowadays trucks aren't real trucks so Jeep is the best way to go in my opinion. The one thing I did not see was a wool blanket and sleeping bag. Flares and rechargeable battery are also good..Need to add a few goodies to the Jeep like some extra chains, Tow rope or cable, a small tire repair kit, with a larger ratchet strap for a 4 wheel drive is mandatory. A small air compressor of some sort is also mandatory. 1 can of carp cleaner or ether(starter fluid) with a lighter is a great way to reseat a tire that's blown off the rim. Also if you used a vacuum back for items like your extra coat it will save you a LOT of space and keep it from mildew.