Saturday, November 30, 2013

US To Dump Syrian Chemical Weapons At Sea! 11-30-13

US officials are proposing to destroy Syria's chemical weapons on a government-owned ship in international waters.

NHK has learned that Director General Ahmet Uzumcu of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons revealed the US proposal at a board meeting on Friday.

Details of how the destruction will be carried out have not been disclosed. But Uzumcu had earlier told NHK that the chemical agents could be destroyed on a ship if no country agrees to host dismantling of the stockpile.

OPCW is working to remove 1,300 tons of chemical weapons from Syria and destroy them in a third country.

The Balkan nation of Albania was considered a possible candidate to carry out the destruction. But its government rejected the request.

OPCW officials plan to report the disposal method to their board members by December 17th.
Nov. 29, 2013 - Updated 21:16 UTC