Sunday, December 29, 2013

Craig Sim Webb Lucid Dreaming on The Hundredth Monkey Radio December 29 2013

Craig Webb, Executive Director of the non-profit DREAMS Foundation for over 16 years, is a McGill University graduate with pioneering dream and lucid dream research at Stanford University and Montreal's Sacré-Coeur Hospital. As an author, columnist, and hired/invited expert for major motion pictures, fortune 500 companies, universities, international TV networks, magazines, etc., he's broadcast and published cutting edge approaches on dreams, applied psychology, communications, creativity, and the science of mind, as well as interviews with leading visionaries. His empowering trainings have enabled CEO's, celebrities, doctors, professors, best-selling authors, world-class athletes, students, and other clients from all walks of life to make profound breakthroughs while having plenty of fun. Craig also helped found/produce "Making Contact" (a progressive radio program airing weekly on 150+ stations worldwide for over 16 years), and has designed personal transformation and biofeedback tools with worldwide distribution. For 2 decades, he's had the privilege to lead numerous training programs and over 1500 miles of transformational training programs. Craig and his work have made over a thousand international academic, public, and corporate appearances including various universities, Discovery Channel, ABC, CBS, BBC, SyFy/NBC/Universal, MSN, Yahoo Business, AOL, CTV, CBC, New York Times, London Times, USA Today, and numerous other TV, radio, print and online sources.