Friday, December 27, 2013

Silanta - World Transformation

Ocean waves moved in tumultuous erratic formations back and forth tumbling upon each other. In the grey white panorama tides receded, dark clouds flew past under a dramatic overlay of power beyond the world, beyond all known science. Arak held to the ledge railing leaned into the hot and cold intense winds pushing him back into the entrance of the Sanctum, the final tomb of Silanta. Clouds rolled one upon another in a dance of omnipotence. Waves pushed and pulled the shore closer to the cold abyss of the dark ocean waters.
Sonatt lifted a silver container from an inner pocket of his long violet robe. Standing upon the threshold under dark clouds traces of white moonlight illuminated the silver box reflecting the final white rays of shimmering light off of it. Sonatt slid open the cover revealing before them a soft emerald green. Arak stood facing Sonatt as a green light emanated off their faces. With the thoughts of its master guiding it, this object called a Noen rose upwards and centered its energy between them.
Soft green clouds emanated around moving through the Ahsal. The emerald green Noen rose in the air between them. Sonatt guided the Ahsal with both of his hands towards his disciple's accepting heart passing over into Arak's auric shield. Without touching it Sonatt formed a tunnel to seal the Noen in Arak's body. Using fluid hands with his fingers opening Arak's heart chambers Sonatt enclosed the Noen in Arak's heart.
The vibration of the Ahsal connected within the current of the central life stream of Arak. His vibration securing developed to hold this frequency and carry the energy of the Noen through time. The Ahsal found its point deep within Arak's heart chakra.
Within your heart you will feel the Ahsal. Others will remember, but only as they attune to the Ascended Masters and their own inner language, the Master said as the passage of power was completed.