Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Mentality Of An Off Gridder Prepare Yourself For The Move Off Grid

During the weekend I had a talk with Link Knight from youtube about the mentality of an off gridder. We discussed the mental preparations that are necessary for someone who is considering going off the grid.

Link's youtube channel is:
Link Knight

Taking that first step into energy independence can be a bit scary. The two of us have both taken the plunge fully into off grid living. Some people go off the grid step by step as budget or other situations allow.

If you are afraid to just jump ahead and go off the grid or your budget will not allow it then simply start slowly with a simple small solar panel and a few LED lights. Build up your system as finances allow and eventually you will be off the grid. This is one way to get your home off the grid with less stress.

There is not problem with taking the plunge as Link and I did though. It requires a bit of mental preparation first. You also do not need to be rich to do it. We both were thrown into our situation suddenly and unprepared. We both had to start out with very little and work out way up to a more comfortable living level as budget allowed.

Living off the grid requires a bit of a lifestyle adjustment as well. You have to learn how to use energy and water sparingly. There will no longer be unlimited energy and water at your fingertips. But the tradeoff is that you need never suffer a sudden and unexpected power outage again. Your own energy needs will be in your control.

A move to energy saving appliances is also necessary for budget off grid living. This can be things such as switching to LED light bulbs, a top open fridge or converted freezer and learning how to replace your power hungry appliances with old fashioned ways such as trading the slow cooker for a dutch oven.

Getting off the grid gives you a sense of freedom and peace.

Anyone can do it.