Sunday, December 8, 2013

UFO Crashes & Cover Ups Exposed

This show tries to find what the military covered up in a recent May 2008 crash of an unknown object in Needles, California, and looks at other famous crash incidents like the Kecksburg, Pennsylvania case where the military supposedly undertook a massive clean up effort and intimidated local witnesses.

An investigation by Ufologist George Knapp has uncovered a number of other eyewitness accounts of the object, which was reportedly quickly taken away by military helicopters wielding a giant sky hook.

The best eyewitness account of the actual crash was related by a man they are calling Bob. They are attempting to keep his identity secret as long as possible, especially since reports of visits by the mysterious Men-in-Black ran rampant shortly after reports of the crash were made known to the public.

Bob states that an oblong, turquoise-tinted object lit up the waters of the Colorado River, then crashed into the river's banks about 100 yards away. He said it simply looked like a plane crashing, at least at first.

Soon, however, the air was filled with military craft, and a giant sky hook-equipped helicopter toted away the unidentified object. Since then, a number of other witnesses have come forward stating that from their locations, the ground was lit up as the craft flew over them.