Monday, January 6, 2014

EXPOSED! Plans for Controlled Revolution In UK

Kev and Cip bring you an absolutely fantastic show for the first broadcast of 2014.

2013 seen the GUNN guys cover what they seen as an upcoming "controlled revolution" with Russel "mark of the beast" Brand being offered up as the pied piper of the alleged revolution. And 2014 looks set to be the engineered summer of discontent used by the elites to bring in the police state *on steroids!

Commonly Known As Dom join the GUNN team to break down the upcoming protests planned for the uk in june, with a call for the arrest of the QUEEN!

Dom breaks down the people behind the "protests" and it is the opinion of GUNN this information must go viral.

People are waking up en masse and the Elites know it. The best way to control a revolution is to actually run it from behind the scenes.

GUNN would like to wish all the listeners all the very best for the months ahead in what will surely be a pivotal year in the info war.