Saturday, September 13, 2014

Celestial Body Approaching Earth! - NIbiru / Planet X - Proof in the Facts

WHAT IS THAT? 1:24:37 or 22:00 (the thing moves when he touches it). Do let me know. Thanks. And in 2017 (if this link remains), we're in for some 'serious' asteroids.
Chem trails help cool the planet? Not many tend to ask themselves this one question: "If Sitchen is wrong? Why do so many scientists, physicists ( 24:30 ), astronomers, and credited individuals 'give him' so very much credit (and support his theory of a Planet X / Nibiru), 'in being correct, and not just for one year, or two, but decades?' It's all in the facts, and if the facts are laid out properly? The answers are unavoidable. Why would the masses not be able to comprehend a large celestial body, such as Nibiru, approaching earth, and get so angry over the mere mention of it? If one knows, and truly comprehends, that they're going to die, they'll live their lives in the way they should have before such knowledge ever entered into their minds. Most think they have forever, and are exempt from the inevitable (any type of other thought riles them). It's all good. :)
It's not getting colder, not when you take in the scope of the entire planet. As of 2012, oddly, the planet Earth has been breaking weather records 'continuously.'
The evidence screams something the Mayan's may have known; the beginning of an end at the start of 2012? You be the judge.
I gather the evidence, share it, and hopefully, entice the viewer to dwell deeper into the topics I present as evidence. I ask you to believe nothing, only research it, and form your own conclusions. Many thanks to YouTube and the CC video clips used to comprise this video (Content).
If it does not need to be known, it won't be.
So, if you ever get to be the President of the USA, or Premiere of Canada, you'd never know if there are UFO's. You'd never be told if an alien civilization(s) visited, or are visiting earth. I think it'd be the very last thing you want to hear, and the one thing you'd try to avoid hearing about 'at all costs' because your job 'is hard enough.' After all, dealing with billions of people, is not an easy task. Imagine having to deal with trillions of aliens 'on top' of it? :) I think there would be another representative, or hidden government for dealing with aliens, UFO's, or extraterrestrial life.
A President or Premiere has to deal with religions, corporations, land rights, individual rights, foreign rights and affairs, and so very much more, regarding earth. Imagine 'more,' on top of all that responsibility. I think the job is mostly to maintain a balance of peace and order in the masses in as friendly a manner as possible (politics).
As head of the land (President / Premiere), I would think, your duty is to the people, business, and country, nothing else. The only time that I think a President or Premiere would know of aliens, UFO's or ET life, I would think, is if the people, and the land, were subject to a threat from that very alien extraterrestrial race, or those UFO's. IF there is no threat, let it be.
It's all on a need to know basis. If it does not affect your job, you don't need to know (and that 'is' how the majority prefers to operate). Anything else be a threat to the comfort levels that citizens have become so accustomed to enjoying.
Most likely, the President or Premiere knows nothing about intelligent life, or UFO's, or wants to, for that matter. Again, a different government would deal with the likes of outside world forces. Perhaps, that answers the need for such an ever increasing military budget? To deal with those very outside 'world forces,' and forces (and lifeforms), that would have any President or Premiere running away from, fast, while screaming; 'Mommy, where are you?'
After all, when you've studied world politics and law? It applies to 'one world,' not thousands. You'd be a fish out of water trying to deal with anything more, particularly that which is so foreign, 'it's out of this world.'
Let those whom are paid to deal with it, deal with it.
If it does not need to be known, it does not need to be.
Therefore, If it does not need to be known, it won't be.
I think that's pretty logical. No conspiracy.
If the President or Premiere does not need to know?
Figure out the rest... neither do you.
Still, no one can blame the mind that ponders and questions the things the working person 'is paid to ignore.' For there?
Dreams turn into teachings, which then become established and founded as a science, or philosophy, that, in turn, advances intelligence, through awakenings, in the very minds that come to comprehend them, the very minds destined to think 'outside of the box.'

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