Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pilots Baffled by Orange and Red 'Mystery Lights' Over the Pacific Ocean!

A pilot and his co-pilot have spotted a mysterious orange and red glow over the Pacific Ocean. The strange lights were spotted south of the Russian peninsula Kamchatka during the flight of a Boeing 747-8 from Hong Kong to Anchorage, Alaska. ‘Last night over the Pacific Ocean, somewhere South of the Russian peninsula Kamchatka I experienced the creepiest thing so far in my flying career,’ he said. There were no thunderstorms on their route or weather-radar, suggesting the lightning did not originate in a storm. The glow is also a mystery; similar lights have been spotted from squid-fishing-boats, but van Heijst says this ‘would not make sense in this area’. ‘The closer we got, the more intense the glow became, illuminating the clouds and sky below us in a scary orange glow, in a part of the world where there was supposed to be nothing but water,’ he continued. ‘The only cause of this red glow that we could think of, was the explosion of a huge volcano just underneath the surface of the ocean, about 30 minutes before we overflew that exact position.’ He was then nervous of encountering an ash-plume in the middle of the night, but fortunately they did not encounter anything of the sort. Before the flight they had heard via radio about earthquakes in Iceland, Chile and San Francisco. But despite their being a few volcanoes on their route, they had had not been alerted to any new activity - although this doesn't necessarily include unseen underwater volcanoes.