Thursday, August 29, 2013

Doom & Gloom: Global Unemployment to Explode , Massive social Unrest Ahead

Looks like civil war around the world its about to begin where everyone will start to fight for food & water. Ppl around the world will start to get sick of the cooperation corruption & enslavement especially in America. Expect soon enough a group & well train & organize fighter from America will start to rise & start pointing their gun on their criminal government. Thats when sometime in the future martial law will be declare & there will be fire work between American patriot vs fascist police.

With over 200 million people unemployed globally and no end in sight for the recession, the need for jobs has never been greater. Youth unemployment has reached critical levels and threatens to destabilize many countries. What can be done to create more jobs and kick-start the global economy? Guy Ryder, the Director-General of the ILO, joins Oksana to consider these issues.