Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Syrian War What You're Not Being Told

Congressman Boehner (Bonehead) just committed Political Suicide by going with the Democratic Teleprompter Administration. Ok, Congressman Boehner how are you being Black Mailed? What do the Black Ops Goons at NSA/CIA have on you? Out with it.
Either way, unless you change your stance back to the “Will of the American People” you just ended your Political Career with your Traitorous Speech. You know that you are caught in a Chemical Weapons False Flag LIE.
Congressman Boehner don’t you read the Drudge Report?:
FLASHBACK: REBELS arrested with Sarin gas!
You know dam well know that the Fake Syrian Army Rebels launched Chemical Weapons Gas Attack which United Nations confirmed back in May, 2013.
Plus, didn't you dine with Assad along with Skull and Bones Kerry? Are you caught in a Love Triangle Mr. Bonehead?