Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Glenn Beck Goes Off on 'Lying Thief' John Boehner, 'Worthless' Republicans

10/2/13 - Glenn Beck has never been a fan of Republican leadership, but on Wednesday he lost what little respect he had left for John Boehner after leaked e-mails showed Boehner quietly tried to keep Congress' Obamacare exemption while publicly fighting against it. Beck took this story as evidence that the Republican leadership is spewing "nothing but lies," asking the GOP, "Are you as dumb as the Democrats have been?" He called Boehner a "lying thief" who needs to resign from office, and believed it would happen if enough big Republican donors said they are not giving another dime to the GOP until Boehner leaves. Beck declared, "If you can't get that man on this evidence to resign, you're worthless! Worthless!"

He promoted the hashtag #DefundTheGOP to get conservatives to stop giving money to Republicans so long as people like Boehner, who are privately betraying the conservative cause, keep calling the shots.