Thursday, October 3, 2013

Manifesting Luck & ET Communications - Coast To Coast AM OCT 02 2013

Coast to Coast AM Date: 10-02-2013 Coast to Coast AM Host: George Noory Coast to Coast AM This Week Guests: Dr. Joe Gallenberger, Lisette Larkins Coast to Coast AM Topic: Manifesting Luck/ ET Communications Release Date ( Oct 3 2013 ) Air Date ( October 2 2013 ) In the first half, clinical psychologist with a deep interest in psychokinesis, Joseph Gallenberger, updated his work on how we can manifest luck in our lives. He developed the "Liquid Luck" CD which features binaural beat technology that shifts brain wave patterns, and offers gentle verbal guidance. In the latter half, Lisette Larkins, who has had extraordinary alien encounters since childhood, shared her hopeful vision of ETs, who want to mentor us through the crises we face.