Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Alex Jones Show: Tosh Plumee,Steve Pieczenik :(VIDEO Commercial Free) Wednesday October 2 2013

Obama Threatens to Arrest WWII Vets
Date: 10/02/2013
On this Wednesday, October 2, edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex brings back former pilot for clandestine CIA flights, Tosh Plumee, to discuss his whistle blowing efforts to expose "Guatemalan Guerillas" training at a ranch owned by a Mexican drug lord, which also happened to be a CIA training site where weapons were exchanged for drugs in support of the Contra effort in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Plumlee, a former undercover pilot, flew into the ranch on several occasions and witnessed the illegal smuggling operation through Mexico into the United States, which was supported by the US Military. Alex will also discuss the escalating drama of the government shutdown, and Obama's disgusting orders to build more barricades around the WWII Memorial, and arrest Vets who have traveled thousands of miles to visit their Memorial.