Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bosnian Pyramids And Bigfoot - 12/13/2013

From the mysterious mounds of Bosnia where ancient pyramids seem to have been unearthed, to the North American wild where Bigfoot roams, we're exploring the far edges of history, science and the origins and nature of life on Terra.

In the first hour, I'll be joined by Thomas Hughes, a man who claims that he has a telepathic connection with Bigfoot. Hughes, who stands around 6'7" was struck by lightning when he was twenty-two and since then, he's had an ability to tap into psychic realms, including the minds of Bigfoot. We'll find out a lot more about Sasquatch and Hughes experience with the mysterious Bigfoot.

In hour number two, I'll be speaking with Dr. Sam Osmanagich, a Houston based, researcher from Bosnia who has published ten books on anthropology including his two latest, "Ancient History From Beyond The Veil" and "Pyramids Around The World & Lost Pyramids Of Bosnia." "Dr. Sam" as he likes to be called has been tunneling and excavating through what appears to be the largest pyramids on the planet.