Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How To Evade The NSA


Step 1
--- Use 2 computers

--- one with WiFi chip removed
--- the other with internet enabled

The NSA can tap into your WiFi, even if you disable it with software.
... So, you must remove the hardware.


Step 2
--- Use OpenSSL

--- Download OpenSSL from the Internet
--- Install it on the Internet-disconnected computer
--- Create a text file with your email
--- Go to command prompt
--- Run
openssl aes-256-cbc -a -in email.txt -out encrypted.txt
--- Enter your encryption password


Step 3
--- Transfer encrypted email

--- You have created an encrypted email with OpenSSL
--- Now, we need to transfer this to the Internet-connected device
--- We CANNOT use USB, because the NSA is able to infect USB sticks, and thus, your keystrokes will be uploaded when you connect your USB stick to the Internet-connected computer
--- And therefore... we will use QR codes... see next slide


Step 4 a
--- Use QR codes

--- Because USB devices are tapped, we are going to output the encrypted email to a QR code
--- We can then use a camera to photograph the QR code off the screen
--- And then, we can plug the SD card into the Internet-connected computer, and send the email over any email service, e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail.. any will do


Step 4 b
--- Use QR codes

--- Download a program for creating QR codes
--- On Ubuntu, you can use a program, "qrencode"
Download it from the package manager
--- Go to terminal and run the command...

qrencode -o qrcode.png 'content of your encrypted email goes here'

This will create your QR code


Step 4 c
--- Use QR codes

--- Now... let's photograph the QR code off of the screen
--- Make sure that you never, ever plug in the SD card of the camera... into the Internet-disconnected computer
--- The whole point is that we can create an "air gap" between the disconnected computer, and the connected computer... and so, any connection between the 2 will ruin the whole thing


Step 4 d
--- Use QR codes

--- We have now taken the photo
--- Let's take out the SD card, and plug it into the Internet connected computer
--- Now, let's go to our email program, and attach our photo to an email, and send it to whoever we want
--- Yes, the NSA will know WHO we are emailing, but not what we are saying. That's all that matters anyway.


Step 4 e
--- Use QR codes

--- Now, on the other end, your email recipient will download the attachment
--- He will then take a photo of the QR code with a camera
--- And he will then plug the SD card into the Internet-disconnected computer
--- This is why you need 2 cameras... one for sending codes, and one for receiving them... This ensures that SD cards are not hacked. Each person needs 2 cameras, so, 4 in total.


Step 4 f
--- Use QR codes

--- The recipient must now
1. decrypt the QR code .... 2. decrypt the encrypted email
--- On Ubuntu, you can use the program, zbarimg
This can be obtained from the package manager.
--- Run the command...
zbarimg -d qrcode.png
This will output the contents of the encrypted email... See next slide...


Step 4 g
--- Use QR codes

--- Finally, the email must be decrypted
--- The recipient should copy the encrypted email into a text file,
--- And then, install OpenSSL, and run the command
openssl aes-256-cbc -a -d -in encrypted.txt -out decrypted.txt
--- Now enter the encryption password... and boom! We're done!
--- You will now have a copy of the email, in a file called "decrypted.txt"



--- 1. Type out email on disconnected computer
--- 2. Encrypt with OpenSSL
--- 3. Encode encrypted email to QR code
--- 4. Take photo of QR code
--- 5. Attach photo to email
--- 6. Receive email
--- 7. Download QR code, decode QR code, and decrypt email


Useful tips

--- Never say your password out loud.... Hand it to the other person on a piece of paper... Because there may be a microphone listening
--- Is your keyboard making a noise? Keystrokes could be acoustically tapped with a microphone
--- Is your monitor giving off radiation..? If so, make yourself a box, and put monitors on the outer walls, to give off fake monitor data.... Then sit in the box with your computer
--- Are you speakers sending your keystrokes with high frequency sound...? If so, remove the speakers and mic from your computers


--- Thank you for watching
--- The NSA is NOT invincible
--- There is NO political solution to spying
--- The ONLY solution is a SCIENTIFIC one, and we must get savvy with technology