Friday, December 20, 2013

Marshall Klarfeld ~ The Anunnaki Are Here! The Secrets of the Gold Miners of Nibiru

Marshall Klarfeld, a Caltech graduate engineer, benefited greatly from his 50 year career in business and politics. His current pursuit of the history of the Anunnaki has propelled him into the field of ancient history. His recent research has uncovered what could be a defining moment in archaeology. He believes the information in his latest book "The Anunnaki Were Here!" may rank among the 10 Most Important Archaeological Finds of the 21st Century.

Listen to Russell Scott interview self-proclaimed disciple of Zecharia Sitchin, Marshell Klarfeld.

Topics include:

The gold mining operations of the Anunnaki in North America
How ancient pyramids were used as massive gold collectors
The golden fleece of the Anunnaki
The qualifications of Zecharia Sitchin as a Sumerian historian
The secret Antarctic base of the Anunnaki