Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Second Roswell UFO Crash Site

This show looks into rumors of the crash site of a flying disk recovered by the military in New Mexico on the same night of the famous Roswell UFO Incident.

The story goes this way: At the very same time as the Roswell crash on July 3, 1947, something most peculiar may have happened somewhere on the San Agustin Plains. Nothing at all was heard about any odd events on the plains for many years. Some locals who were around in those days recall a lot of planes flying around behind Shaw Mt. in the Coyote Peak area. This unusual amount of aerial activity went on for some months, well into the fall of 1947. This may account for the USAAFL-3 spotter plane crash at Horse Springs. It seems that in the summer of 1947, a retired rancher from the Plains area was driving on old route NM 12 about 20 miles south of Datil, when he noticed what he took to be a child walking in a pasture near the highway. This was a remote area where unattended children are never seen. He decided to stop and see if he could help. He parked his truck, opened a barb wire gate and went towards the "child." As he got closer, he noticed it was unlike any human child he had ever seen and it was not wearing children's clothing, but a one piece gray outfit. He encouraged it towards the gate and his pickup truck parked on the shoulder. It was apparently dazed but cooperative. When he got to the truck he picked up the child and put it in the front seat of his pickup. He said at this point it was very scared. He noticed four long fingers, but no thumbs, no ears, fairly large eyes. Traveling a few miles down the road, the rancher reached a little town of Horse Springs. There he turned north towards Green's Gap where he lived. Green's Gap was not a town, but the designation of a valley between hillsides. There was once a store here and a cluster of building which the locals called Green's Gap. It is 12 miles north of Horse Springs, NM between NM Highway 12 and US Highway 60. When he reached home, he brought the "child" into his house. His wife offered it food and water, but it would not take any. It did calm down some and they were able to get it into a chair. They contacted the Catron Country Sheriff's office; a deputy was due out the next morning. When the couple went to bed they left it sitting in the chair. When they got up the next morning, it was gone. Local lore has it that two years later in August of 1949, a crashed UFO was found with alien bodies, we believe it may have been on the south side of Pelona Mt. In the summer of 1947, Barney Barnett made his discovery of a crashed disk about a mile from NM Highway 12, within several miles of where the rancher allegedly found the strange child. Barnet said that three or four alien bodies were at the crash site. We assume the beings that Barney saw looked like the child and were on the ground outside of the craft. None appeared to be alive. Barnett said the craft had been split open on the edge. Indications are the craft Barnett discovered came down at night and occasional car lights would have been very visible from the crash site for some seven-hundred feet, in the slightly hilly terrain. A crash at Pelona Mt., or any of the surrounding remote peaks in the vicinity, would present a different set of conditions for an alien making its way from, on or around the area peaks and rugged terrain in between. Pelona Mt. is the highest peak n the immediate area at 9,220 feet. The mountain is about 15 miles south of Horse Springs (where the rancher turned north with his passenger). Many of the mountains including Pelona Mt., is steeper on the north side where it overlooks the Plains, than on the south side where the terrain is less steep and suitable for livestock grazing.

Recently a book about the case was written, "UFO Crash at San Augustin" (aka Agustine), and some UFO "experts" like Stanton Friedman and Chuck Wade claims the event at San Agustin really happened. This event may or may not be true, but the author and others are continuing to investigate it.