Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fukushima The Nuclear Doomsday

My heart is sickened at the level of radiation that has been released in Japan by Tepco's Fukushima's Daiichi 4 nuclear reactors meltdowns over the past 2 1/2 years. No one knows where all the melted nuclear cores went, but it is speculated, they were liquefied and blown up into the wind streams that are moving across North America. Proof is in the pudding, that no one can be trusted with this technology. It's highly dangerous and volatile. Nuclear energy is not our friend and never will be. Insanity rules the day, because, who in their right mind, would build one of these nuclear reactors to boil water to make electricity? And yet, someone did, the U.S., big energy giant, General Electric (GE) built all the Fukushima nuclear reactors. The Japanese Government, and Tepco, who runs Fukushima Daiichi as well as the U.S. big corporation giant, General Electric, the maker of these nuclear reactors, are responsible for Japan's now nuclear wasteland. They contaminated their entire food supply, their farmlands, their ecosystem, the Pacific Ocean, they've nuked their own people & sacrificed their children for some miserable existence until they finally die of radiation poisoning. What kind of inhuman animals, sacrifice children, so they can make big bucks off dirty, toxic, nuclear energy? Their numbers don't add up! Why? Was if for the nuclear weapons of war; the nuclear bombs or was it for, the nuclear tipped ammo? I hope, this is the end of nuclear energy, once and for all time. Between that and big oil, fracking the planet, the oil mining companies are one in the same, destroying our fresh water supply and contaminating the ground with chemical fracking solutions. Is it really worth it when we have a perfectly good clean, free sources of energy. We have unlimited, free, sunlight to work with, the wind, or thermal energy, passive energy, organic matter engines, and more. So what, these guys don't make obscene profits, we don't need them. Why base our monetary currency on barrels of oil, a dirty, toxic energy when we could easily base it on a clean resource. How about doing the whole world a big service and base it on Food? Now, that's a novel idea. I think it's time to say no, to those who tell us we have to eat or drink contaminated food. They lie, no one, has to eat contaminated food or anything bio engineered. We're organic and need organic food to thrive. It's a no brainer! I think it's high time we change and not wait for them too.