Sunday, September 1, 2013

Numerologist Glynis McCants Forecast for The Future

Celebrity Numerologist Glynis McCants has been studying Numerology for more than 21 years. She has evaluated over 20,000 Numerology Charts,and is a well known author for her two best-selling books Glynis Has Your Number and Love by the Numbers. You may have seen her on The Today Show, Dr. Phil, CBS' The Talk, The Tyra Banks Show, The View and Entertainment Tonight. She's also been featured in L.A. Confidential Magazine, Time Magazine, In Touch, US Weekly and People Magazine. Before the Presidential Elections in October, 2008, Glynis McCants was on The View and said that Barack Obama would win.

The producers of the movie Number 23 hired her as the Numerology expert for the Jim Carrey film; she has a Numerology segment located under "Special Features" on the Number 23 DVD. She was also the Numerology expert on the couples of the show Dancing with the Stars, and successfully predicted who the winners of the show would be on season 4 and season 5. Glynis McCants has truly mastered the Science of Numerology, and her goal is to get everyone to do the same.

Numerologist Glynis McCants spoke about Pope Francis' personal numerology versus Pope Benedict's, as well the numerology of names. Both Popes have a '3' lifepath with a '2' attitude, but they are very different as people. Pope Francis has a destiny number of '3' which means he is called to motivate and uplift other people, while Benedict has bunch of '8s' in his chart, which can be associated with poor health, she detailed. You can glean information about a person by looking at the numerological association of the first vowel in their first name, she noted. For example, E is the first vowel in the name George, and is a '5' vibration, signifying a person who likes to stay in constant motion, and needs to know what the real story is. For a complete list of first vowel significances,